Case Studies

Charity: even trustees need support...

The Issue

Trustees from an old and well-respected charity were facing hitherto unexperienced demands from the management of the charity. Those demands related to the future strategy and implementation of the charity. Trustees had come to realise that their own skills were not sufficiently robust nor up to date to enable them to judge the feasibility of the Management's recommendations.

The Outcome

Trustees, having developed their own commercials skills and knowledge, were better able to liaise with managers, more willing to trust them and to rely on their recommendations. A positive relationship between Trustees and Management occurred. New governance, management and operational procedures were put into place and actioned.

The Process

Discussions took place individually and in small groups. Areas of common interests and concerns were identified. There were 4 Away Days over a 6 week period.  Basic training was provided for trustees in the basics of management skills.  Senior Managers, as well as Firm Beliefs, conducted the training.  Trustees, in turn, also trained the Managers in the Obligations of Trustee Boards. 

Why did the Project work?

Says a trustee: "We employed managers who in reality were far better able to do their jobs than we gave them credit for."

Says a senior manager: "We suddenly realised why our trustees were so risk averse. We had failed them by not understanding that and we had not sufficiently guided them through our recommendations on occasions. We now work together. It just works so much better."

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